Some least known benefits of Giloy Juice

Giloy-juiceLooking for an herb which can cure many of your health complications? Then try Giloy juice. If you ever leave this juice only because of their looks or color, I can only say that do not judge a book by its cover. At least try this once then say anything about this juice. This is the most effective remedy which you can use for your overall health. The health benefits of Giloy are numerous and adding this in your lifestyle is really worthy.

By the end of this article you will some least known benefits of Giloy juice. Giloy is one of the most effective and useful herb in Ayurvedic treatment. This is the remedy which has been used to cure many health complications. People called this as Guduchi and Amruta in Hindi language.

GiloyIt is used in reducing stress and anxiety. The stem of this tree contains starchy compound which has healing properties. The taste of this herb is warm and bitter. Giloy is used since ancient times to calm and balance the three imbalance energies of body (vatta, pitta kapha). If you want to know more about this, read ahead.

There are many health benefits of Giloy juice but here I am proving you some of them.

1. Immunity booster: This is the best immunity booster and this is the remedy which acts like a rejuvenating agent too. Giloy contains antioxidant properties which improve and fights with dangerous diseases. Giloy removes toxins from kidney and liver which helps to flush out all the impurities and free radicals.

2. Cure chronic fever: Apart from so many benefits of Giloy this is one of the best treatment remedy for this condition. It can reduce the symptoms of many life threating conditions according to studies. It increases the counting of your blood platelets and removes the symptoms of both the condition dengue and fever.

3. Improve digestion: Giloy herb works to improve the digestion. This is the reason that your digestive system can become strong and healthy. As you know that many condition can caused by poor digestion like constipation, acidity and piles.  benefits of giloy

4. Cure diabetes- If you are a patient of diabetes, Giloy is the remedy for you. This is the remedy which can maintain the level of blood sugar levels. Giloy works as a hypoglycemic agent that lowers the blood sugar levels and lipids successfully.

5. Give mental health: Reducing mental stress is one of the benefits of Giloy juice. This juice has the ability to cure mental stress as well as anxiety. If you want a natural health tonic, mix this herb with another astonishing herb. It can clear brain toxins also.

6. Asthma- This is one of the most dangerous disease which can’t be cured. Because of this you can get shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, coughing and wheezing.  Giloy is the best remedy for the patient of asthma. This is proven remedy and if you use this you will see the difference between this remedy and other medicines.

7. Lowers blood pressure- It is a well-known fact that increased blood pressure can cause heart attack, diabetes and stroke. Giloy juice is the treatment which can lower the high blood pressure very easily.

giloy..8. Boosts memory: It is very difficult for some people to remember important dates and days. So, in that condition they can consume Giloy juice. This is very helpful juice for children and students because it helps increasing memory and concentration.

9. Cure eye disorders: this is the ultimate remedy which can be used as a cure for eye disorders. This is the juice which helps you to see better without spectacles. It’s in the studies that in some parts of India people are using Giloy as eye cure.

The benefits of Giloy juice are more than this and you just can’t believe that this juice can give you all the benefits which others can’t do. So, if you are suffering from any of these conditions try to use Giloy juice rather than medicine. Medicine is not only expensive but also full of side effects. I am sure that you are not one of those which like to have side effects. Not only you use in fact tell everyone to use this because the benefits of Giloy juice are numerous and effective.

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