Do you know that herpes is not only of two types, oral and genital herpes? There are some other forms of herpes also and one of which is herpes zoster opthalmicus. It is a reactivation of varicella- zoster virus infection (shingles) involving the eyes. Herpes zoster opthalmicus represents one fourth of all cases of herpes zoster.

The signs and symptoms of this virus include dermatomal forehead rashes, inflammation of all the tissues of the anterior, loss of vision and debilitating pain. Herpes zoster is common infection caused by human herpes virus 3, the same virus which causes varicella (chickenpox). It is a member of the same family as herpes simplex virus. Normal aging and poor nutrition correlate with outbreak of herpes zoster. Certain factors such as physical and emotional stress as well as fatigue may participate in episodic outbreaks.

This virus damages the eyes and surrounding structure by secondary perineural and intraneural inflammation of sensory nerves. Well, episodes of herpes zoster are generally self-limited and resolve without intervention. Diagnosis is based on the characteristics appearance of the anterior structure of the eye plus zoster dermatitis. If you are suffering from this virus, you may waiting for a right treatment option for herpes zoster opthalmicus. Well, here we are going to tell you the some effective treatment options for this virus. This will help you to find the right treatment option for herpes zoster opthalmicus.

Over the counter herpes medications

Famiciclovir for herpesThe commonly prescribed antivirals for herpes zoster are acyclovir, famiciclovir and valacyclovir. If you start the treatment options in the first stage of the virus, you can easily reduce the symptoms of this virus. Early treatment with acyclovir incudes reducing the percentage of eyes disorders in opthalmicus patients. The early treatment with acyclovir can also lessen acute pain.

Famiciclovir and valacyclovir seems to be effective as acyclovir in reducing the pain associated with zoster. In clinical practices, these second generation antivirals are considered more effective than acyclovir because patients are more likely to comply with the treatment regimens. The course of this disease is unpredictable, all patients with herpes zoster, irrespective of their age and severity of outbreaks, should be prescribed oral antiviral drugs at the first signs of the virus. Topical acyclovir can be considered in cases of severe eyes infection.

If you have mild symptoms of herpes zoster opthalmicus, you can treat them with the help of self –treatment option. Antivirals treatment is required only when the patient is at high risk of prolonged or severe symptoms, especially person older than 50 years. The benefits of treating healthier and younger population with these medicines are unclear. Some other over-the counter herpes zoster medications include steroids, analgesics and anticonvulsants agent. Surgical care is not generally for the treatment of herpes zoster opthalmicus because it may be required to treat certain complications such as necrotizing fasciitis.


Self-treatment and therapies

Self-treatment is the best option to treat herpes zoster symptoms. The symptoms of herpes zoster tend to more benign and mild in children than in adults. An enormous number and varieties of therapeutic approaches have been proposed over the years, most of which are ineffective in treating herpes symptoms. Well, some effective therapies do exist which can reduce the extent and duration of the symptoms and possibly the risk of chronic sequelae. Therapeutic choices are generally depend on the patient’s immune state and on presentation of the zoster.

Natural cure for herpes zoster

Over the counter medications are not safe for use. You may know that these antivirals can give you serious side effects. So, we cannot say that antivirals are the right treatment option for herpes zoster. The best way is to try some natural herbs to treat your infection. The good thing about nature is that it will never work against your body. You can try chamomile, fennel or eyebright teas to get relief from pain.

You just need to give a hot compress of these teas to your eyes instead of applying them directly to the affected parts. Eyes are the most sensitive part of your body so, it can be harmful to apply anything directly on the eyes. These herbs are effective enough to reduce pain and inflammation as well as other health symptoms quickly.

Now, you are able to find which treatment option will be effective for you. Yes, you are thinking right. This is natural cure for herpes. Just try this treatment and see the effective results within some days.

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